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Nominations and Elections
(Standing Committee)


Executive Committee Representatives: State Director


Purpose:  To present nominees for elected professional offices (State Director, Assistant State Director, and Treasurer) to the membership and conduct the election at the IIRSA State Workshop in even years.



  1. Pursue viable candidates for the offices of State Director, Assistant State Director, and Treasurer.

  2. Secure written permission from the nominee to place their name in nomination.

  3. Present at least two nominees for each office at the State Workshop.

  4. Be responsible for compiling picture and vitae sheet for each candidate and submit candidate summaries for the IIRSA Newsletter which immediately precedes the election.

Committee Chairs: Phil Marcinek, University of Illinois Chicago


A message from Phil for 2022 Elections:

The State Workshop is quickly approaching and with that the Nominations and Elections Committee would like to take this moment to encourage all the fine folks in campus recreation to consider running for office and help guide the future IIRSA. It is hard to believe that two years have already passed making this an election year. We will be looking for a State Director, Assistant State Director, and a Treasurer. Each position serves a two-year term. The links to the responsibilities can be found here and they are listed below. We know that there are many great leaders within the state that might just need a bit of a nudge to decide to run. If you would like to nominate a colleague or run for office yourself, please contact the chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee at If you have the drive and ambition for some new challenges, we would love to have you represent.


Please submit your interest or nomination by October 12, 2022. If you are unable to make the State Business Meeting on October 27, proxy voting will take place October 14 – 20. Write-in nominations will be accepted up to the start of voting at the State Business Meeting but of course cannot receive the advance proxy voting.

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