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State Workshop
(Standing Committee)


Executive Committee Representatives: State Director


Purpose:  To assist in the planning, coordination, and hosting of the annual IIRSA State Workshop, as deemed necessary by the host institution.



  1. Attend “How to Plan a Workshop” at the NIRSA Annual Conference and/or read the manual on line at

  2. Review recommendations and evaluations from the previous State Workshop

  3. Contact NIRSA Headquarters for workshop planning and follow-up

  4. Submit proposed budget to the State Director and Region III Representative a minimum of 60 days in advance of the workshop.

  5. Arrange accommodations and meeting space for attendees and guests

  6. Arrange meals and activities for attendees and guests

  7. Work with the State Director to publicize the workshop to the membership

  8. Identify and promote a theme for educational sessions and/or the guest speakers

  9. Solicit presentation proposals and/or guest speakers

  10. Develop program schedule

  11. Develop and print program materials and disseminate to membership

  12. Organize registration personnel and program monitors

  13. Make post workshop evaluations and recommendations for future state workshops

  14. Collaborate with next year’s workshop host

Committee Chair(s): Samantha Glennon, DePaul University

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