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(Ad-hoc Committee)


Executive Committee Representatives: State Student Leader


Purpose:  To aid student members in their development and entrance into various positions by helping them develop the essential skills needed. To assist in increasing student interest, awareness, and participation in IIRSA by providing educational, service, and leadership opportunities.



  1. Identify issues and programs to address student professional development and recommend methods to engage the IIRSA in discussion and action relative to these issues.

  2. Maintain the IIRSA social media accounts.

  3. Assist the IIRSA State Workshop Host Committee in developing and coordinating a student program.

  4. Develop and conduct a welcome/ice breaker session at the IIRSA State Workshop to introduce first time student attendees to IIRSA/NIRSA.

  5. Lead a Student Roundtable at the IIRSA State Workshop.

  6. Develop, coordinate and implement (a) student professional development presentations at the IIRSA State Workshop.

  7. Assist with facilitation of the silent auction at the IIRSA State Workshop. Duties include collaboration with Sponsorship committee chair, recruiting donations, event organization, post event thank you notes.

  8. Provide session facilitators for all IIRSA State Workshop educational sessions

  9. Organize materials/articles for quarterly IIRSA newsletter in collaboration with State Director.

  10. Recruit session monitors for the NIRSA National Conference.

  11. Facilitate the t-shirt raffle at the IIRSA luncheon at the National Conference.

  12. Maintain the Campus Contact program to assist with passing of information from the IIRSA executive board to interested students.

Committee Chair(s): Hope Michalek, DePaul University

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