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(Ad-hoc Committee)


Executive Committee Representatives: Assistant State Director


Purpose:  To assist in promoting and maintaining social relationships among the IIRSA membership through sponsored events and activities.



  1. Coordinate annual IIRSA Social at the NIRSA Annual Conference.

  2. Typically held during “Take a Student to Lunch”

  3. Hosts up to 100 people

  4. IIRSA provides $500 toward cost of social

  5. Coordinates with Sponsorship Committee to get sponsor dollars, as well.

  6. Keep cost to attendees to about $5-10 per person

  7. Assist the Host Committee with the IIRSA State Workshop social as needed.

  8. Coordinate the activity, meal or refreshments, prize drawings, entertainment, etc.

  9. Work with the State Director and Treasurer on budget

  10. Host the social(s).

  11. Recruit volunteers as needed.

  12. Assist in publicizing event(s).  Create flyer, send e-mail announcement to membership, and provide information to Student State Rep for inclusion in IIRSA Newsletter.

Committee Chair(s): Andrew Kuchem, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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