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(Ad-hoc Committee)


Executive Committee Representatives: Treasurer


Purpose:  To solicit and obtain sponsorships to offset expenses for the IIRSA at both the annual State Workshop and at the NIRSA Annual Conference.



  1. Collaborate with host for IIRSA State Workshop to determine sponsorship dollars needed to assist with any expenses related to hosting the workshop.

  2. Collaborate with Ad Hoc Social Committee to determine sponsorship dollars needed to support the IIRSA Social at the NIRSA Annual Conference.

  3. Identify potential sponsors and solicit sponsorship dollars to support aforementioned events.

  4. Coordinate with Treasurer any communications with confirmed sponsors to ensure receipt of sponsor dollars.

  5. Coordinate with IIRSA State Workshop host to ensure sponsors are recognized in print materials and during workshop.

  6. Follow up with sponsors to ensure satisfaction with use of sponsor monies and express gratitude.

Committee Chair(s): Information Coming Soon.

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